Private Customised Tours

Private Customised Tour

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If you are born to travel and dream of capturing those picture-perfect shots then Photography Tours India is for you! Flaunting innumerable places to visit, India is a haven for shutterbugs. From snow-clad Himalayas, dense forests, tranquil beaches, golden deserts, incredible islands, stunning heritage sites to awe-inspiring cultural places the country is dotted with all. Given that, we help you to embark on exceptionally crafted journeys that allow you to pursue your twin passions of travel and photography.

Photography Tours in India

Led by Mr. Harsh Agarwal, founder of IMT along with his wife and commercial partner Mrs. Arti Agarwal, our private photography tours in India enhance your skills to the next level. Our mentors have years of experience behind the camera and are known for their mentoring skills. From notable things to minute details, you’ll be told everything that just any photographer will otherwise miss. From mastering the fundamentals of photography to making your images pop after processing, you will be updated about each and every titbit.

Besides making unforgettable memories, you will be able to click some of the candid pictures to add to your wonderful collection. We have expertise in following a whole-brain approach and giving practical solutions. You don’t have to grasp every setting in the Lightroom or about your camera. Simply make us your travel partner and leave the rest. Plan your photography tours of India and let us do the honors to help you capture the best pictures ever. Years later when you will see it or show them to others, you will surely be left in a state of awe.

If you don’t find any of our tours interesting, worry not! You can create your own itinerary. We also offer customized photography tours in India that will help you decide where to travel to capture the shots you’re dreaming of. One-to-one instructions by your guide will surely make you a photographer par excellence. Travel with us and learn the art of image-making in the digital world.

Whether you’re an amateur or some pro looking to find out the lacking thing in your images, we are happy to help. Crafted to cater to the needs of all types of photography enthusiasts possessing different expertise, our tours are worth trying. Offering the best value for your hard-earned money, the itineraries will make you visit India and beyond with us again and again. From sights to smells and rites to rituals, you will surely love it all.

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