Capturing the Taj Mahal- Make Your Experience a Picture Perfect One

Even though there are hardly few monuments around the world that can top the beauty of the Taj Mahal, like with most world-famous destinations, it can get incredibly difficult to discover exceptional angles of the monument. There are a lot of rules, customs and strict guidelines for photographers to follow when capturing the Taj Mahal on lens. With there being an apparent increase in the number of Taj Mahal pre-wedding photoshoots, often visitors can find themselves being short on time or patience to explore the best potential photography locations. Here’s a complete guide on how to picture the Taj Mahal in the most resourceful way possible –

Plan the Dates

For people who are looking to do a Taj Mahal pre-wedding photoshoot or some other complicated shoot that would potentially span over several days, making sure that the correct period of time is chosen for the shoot is a must. For instance,

  • The monument is closed on Fridays, so there is no point of planning a shoot on a Friday.
  • During winters, the monument is usually clouded by fog so planning an early morning shoot in December is pointless.
  • The signature Taj Mahal long-shot is best taken at 9-9.30 am.

All visitors are expected to know these little etiquettes surrounding the treasured monument either by researching beforehand or via information from a guide. There are professional providers of photography tours in India who can plan out the entire shoot in less than two days, capturing some of the best angles.

Know about Specific Aspects

  • No tripods are allowed inside the Taj Mahal
  • In fact, almost no items are permitted inside and around the premises of Taj Mahal. Thus,
  • Make sure to leave all backpacks at the hotel
  • For foreigners, the best option is to take the assistance of professional providers of photography tours in India so that they can know all about these guidelines
  • Don’t carry food or drinks. A 500 ml water-bottle comes for free with the entry ticket.
  • Drones are absolutely out of the question.

The best code of behavior is to maintain a low-profile and get through the security barriers. People planning a Taj Mahal pre-wedding photoshoot must follow these rules or their whole shoot could get compromised.

Some More Guidelines

In addition to the typical long shots, photographers are free to explore several more stimulating angles within the Taj Mahal grounds.

  • Make an effort to provision no less than 3-4 hours inside the grounds to grasp how the changing day-light changes the colors of the Taj Mahal.
  • The reflections in the pools present a perfect opportunity to frame this splendid piece of construction.
  • Make sure to take in some people into the shots just to present a sense of scale and place this gigantic structure into perspective. For people who are planning to do a Taj Mahal pre-wedding photoshoot the sense of scale that can be achieved with the Taj Mahal is an amazing prospect.

For first-timers, taking the assistance of professional providers of photography tours in India is highly recommended as they can truly help in making those moments unforgettable.

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