Photoshoot in Taj Mahal

Amazing secrets for your candid photo shoot at the Taj Mahal

What will be the first thing that will come to your mind when you visit the Taj Mahal and find it less crowded? If I were you, I would straightaway take out my camera and fulfil my desire for an exceptional photoshoot in the Taj Mahal. How can even one resist that urge with a professional photographer by one’s side and the stunning iconic wonder making a perfect backdrop? Just plan a Taj Mahal photography tour, dress in your best attire, make some candid poses and click, click, click!

Whether on a Golden Triangle India Tour or visiting Agra just for the Taj, getting those candid pictures is not a bad idea at all! So, here are some quick tips that will help you capture picture-perfect shots that you can flaunt for years to come.

First come, first serve – Since you’re on an incredible tour to India and want to make the most of it, it won’t bother you to wake up a little bit early. The Taj Mahal is known worldwide to awe the visitors and people from all over come to experience the same. So, you can’t take things for granted and expect fewer crowds. In order to get your best Pre-wedding photoshoot in the Taj Mahal done flawlessly, you have to reach the monument as early as possible. Just keep in mind that the best time is to visit in the morning so as to find fewer people around.

Pose as much as you can – So, you have managed to beat the crowd and cross the entry gate! Thus, after this hard work of yours, would it be right that you just show up, stand directly in front of the mausoleum and snap away without considering its intricate beauty? Merely standing up and clicking away won’t do any justice either to your pic or to the iconic wonder itself. Keep your highly active mode ON! Pose as much as you can and keep on clicking to get memories that won’t fade away ever.

Follow a down to earth technique – There is a strong possibility that you enter the complex and find the vantage points crowded with people clicking selfies to the core. But wait, don’t just get disheartened! Instead of waiting for your chance, simply head down to ground level and stand directly in front of the reflecting pools. This will make your photograph stand out amongst the rest.

Don’t just stick to get clicked with Taj only – Yes you’re here for the photoshoot in the Taj. But the other buildings and mosques are also worth capturing along with the white wonder. Explore the entire complex and you will find beauty sprawled all over. Other structures are equally intriguing and additionally offer astonishing views of the Taj. From these buildings, you will be surely tempted to say ‘Wah Taj!’

Wear something in contrast to bright that is something colourful – When you’re thinking to get clicked with the monument that is praised for its beauty, how can you yourself resist looking pretty. For this part, you have to choose your dress well. In order to compliment the Taj and to enhance your beauty factor, you should choose attire in contrast to white. For example, dark colours like blue, red, pink, etc. add a charm to your photo.

Walk that extra mile – Great things need great efforts! So, don’t just waste your time in the queue. Rather, walk that extra mile and you may find what you were looking for without waiting for your turn to come. Forget about the ‘Princess Diana’ Bench for a while and hop on to other vantage points. Roam around for a while and you’ll definitely find a place, bench or a point offering you a stunning reflection photo without the selfie stick army invading it.

Pinch the top of the Taj but add your own gimmicks – As soon as you will stop here, you will be surrounded by lots of people persuading you to get clicked while you give the iconic pose with the iconic mausoleum. They will show you their skills of capturing thousands of people posing like they are pinching the top of the monument. This will make you want to pinch the top of the Taj Mahal. Don’t stop yourself! Go for it. But then try to find your own gimmicks to get a different kind of photo.

Hire a professional photographer – If you find it hard to follow the aforementioned tips yet want to get clicked with the Taj Mahal, the last suggestion would be to trust a professional photographer. He will not only make the task easy for you but also help bring your photos to life. You will easily find the photographers that are local to the place but then you’ve to make sure whom to trust.

I hope these tips and tricks will help you achieve your dream of an awe-inspiring photo shoot at the Taj Mahal. Enjoy clicking!

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